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Genshin EU Whale Account C6Ayaka and Raiden with weapon and more NG
Genshin Impact Accounts
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C6 Ayaka + R2 Weapon

C6 Raiden + R1 Weapon

C5 Jean

C3 Zhongli

C0 Kokomi + R2 Weapon

C0 Nahida

C0 Kazuha

C0 Shenhe + R2 Weapon

C3 Ganyu + R1 Weapon

C0 Yae Miko

C2 Yelan + R2 Weapon

C1 Hu Tao + R1 Weapon

C3 Qiqi

C2 Mona

C0 Navia

C2 Kequing

C0 Tighnari

C0 Nilou

C0 Ayato

C5 Diluc + R1 Weapon


R2 Lost Prayer of the Sacred Winds

R1 Skyward Blade


Costumes for: Ayaka, Lisa, Ninguang, Fischl


there is still tons of money/resin to upgrade things you may want 2 upgrade


Lots of 4* c6 etc

For any exact Constelations of 4* 
or anything else, just ask

Currently Welkin is active (about 20 days)
Still doin dailys so maybe 1-2 5* more may be coming

Open for negotioation 

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