Final Fantasy XIV Accounts

Final Fantasy XIV Accounts

If you're looking to buy an FFXIV Account, know that there are cheap new accounts as well as good-value Level 50-60 ones. No matter which server or class players prefer, sellers on igitems have them all. The FFXIV accounts for sale offered from our reputable site come straight out of professional gamers' hands who've been playing since before most people

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Why Buy a Final Fantasy XIV Account?

One of the best MMORPGs to date, Final Fantasy XIV is one that will require you to invest your time and energy. To be successful in this game, you will need to not only have a lot of patience but also work hard. The grind can get quite tedious and you probably already knew the pain of spending hours just to get to that next level. If you are the type of player who desires power-ups quickly with minimal effort, thankfully you can avoid all the hassle by getting a high-quality account that has been thoroughly developed by someone else already, and you should too!

Final Fantasy Accounts

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are many ways to earn experience. Some of the most common ones include completing quests and dungeons as well as gathering items from monsters or chests. This helps rank up your character higher on one's Job Board so they can learn new abilities at a faster rate. Another way is by participating with others through FATEs, running Palace of the Dead, and more. Roulettes could even award up to 90% of what you need for next-level advancement. Likewise, if players rest inside certain areas such as Sanctuaries, then their Character will gain some extra points called "rest XP" that could help expedite leveling speeds even further.

The progression system is advanced and complicated. You can master everything on a single character, but it would take an immense amount of time if you did so exclusively with that one build. Buying accounts from players who have already developed them might not only be convenient but also save money by reducing advancement costs.

How to Create A Character in Final Fantasy XIV?

The character creation process in Final Fantasy XIV is very extensive and could be of much fun. You can create your perfect avatar from head to toe, choosing class, race, gender, clan affiliation, birthday as well as what city you will start at which is determined by your chosen class. The last step before starting the game though has been much debated: which server do you want? There are all sorts of different worlds out there that offer unique experiences so some research could come in handy.

Currently, there are six playable races but two new ones Viera and Hrothgar to be added in Shadowbringers. The current available race includes humanlike Hyur, tall and proud Elezen, Lalafell with youthful appearances, Miqo’te who have ears/tails like felines, loyal Roegadyn with muscular bodies, and anthropomorphic Au Ra with horns.

There are nine classes to choose from:

  • The Arcanist is a versatile mage who can buff their allies and hurt enemies with spells, curses or even just by manipulating the battlefield. They have two paths of specialization - one being destructive in nature where they focus on dealing damage and the other casting supportive skills.
  • The Archer is the ranged damage dealer. He shoots enemies with his bow and when they hit level 30, he can specialize into a bard who has songs to buff allies or strike from afar.
  • Conjurers use their wands and canes to fight off the elements, while wearing cloth armors. They become more powerful as they level up in battle; a Conjurer specializes into a White Mage after reaching Level 30.
  • The Gladiator is the most protective option that’s available. It is a tanky knight who wields his sword and shield. At level 30 you can choose from two different specializations: paladin or crusader.
  • Lancers are melee fighters that use polearms to attack from close range. They have high movement speed, causing them to constantly move through the battlefield while dealing significant amounts of damage with single attacks or AoE abilities.
  • The Marauder is a heavy, two-handed fighter who slays his foes with axes. After hitting 30 marauders may become warriors, the job that plays the role of an offensive tank.
  • Pugilists are agile duelists that wear leather armor and use their fists to attack enemies. They can specialize into monks, focusing more on agility than strength with the ability of defense.
  • Rogues are highly stealthy assassins that use deception, daggers, and poison to eliminate targets. They can also be ninjas, which gives them an even greater proficiency for hiding in the shadows as well as quickly taking lives with surprise attacks.
  • A Thaumaturge is a specialist in the dark arts, who deals high amounts of elemental damage. They wear cloth armor and later specialize in Black Mages. They excel at crowd control and damaging multiple foes simultaneously.

What Determines Final Fantasy XIV Account Pricing?

The value of a Final Fantasy XIV account is not just determined by its price. With this being said, let’s look at what criteria affect the value of an FF14 account. To find out how much an account is worth, at least check out these four things: Amount of Gil, Level, and Number of Disciple War/Magic/Hand Land, Item Level (which can be seen in-game on an item's tooltip when hovering over its icons), Inventory Contents and In-game Items with high demand on the marketplaces like Auction House. The better or higher those are, the higher the value of the account. With everything else equal, some players are willing to pay a higher price just because the characters' appearances look amazing or unique.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - An Impressive Comeback

In 2010, FFXIV was a sinking ship. The game was plagued with rampant player dissatisfaction and lack of content. Its subscription levels were plummeting towards one million players after its disastrous launch, and the team behind it had no idea how to bring them back. However, this changed in 2013 when a new team took over development and completely overhauled the game. The result was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a completely revamped and improved version of the game that won back players' faith and garnered critical acclaim.

The new expansion brought a number of new mechanics that would revitalize the MMO's player base. One of these is the Job System, which introduced the idea of classes being separate from your character's level and role. Any player could group up with anyone they wanted to and change their role on the fly without creating a separate character or sacrificing their current one.

The expansion also included level syncing, which would allow high-level players to temporarily reduce their stats and power so that lower-leveled players could join their parties and experience the game at a more even playing field. That allowed them to level up without worrying about being annihilated by monsters higher than their levels.

It was later announced that the servers for FFXIV were going to be consolidated into one mega server, giving all players from every region a place where they could play together on equal footing.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn contained many new features that added content and refined existing mechanics. A completely overhauled battle system, new items and recipes for gathering, and FATEs gave players dynamic events that made them feel like part of a living, breathing world. The whole thing was incredibly ambitious, and it worked.

What exactly caused this turnaround? There are several reasons, but some of the most important ones include adding new content regularly, a more engaging combat system, and newly implemented features such as the Armoury System.

The best way to explain how important the regular content updates were is to compare FFXIV 1.0 and A Realm Reborn. In 1.0, players would have to wait months for new content, which only served to frustrate them further because of the sheer lack of things they could do in-game. Many people spent their idle time selling unwanted items from their inventory at a loss just so that they could gain some Gil for other activities or crafting recipes.

On the other hand, A Realm Reborn was utterly different in its release schedule. From day one, patches were released every two weeks with new quests and dungeons, which meant that players always had something to do. There are patches released every month with new content, ranging from story quests to dungeons and even special events like the Moonfire Faire. Because of these updates, players were encouraged to play the game constantly.

A Realm Reborn also reached out to its pre-existing player base by constantly adding new endgame content for them to partake in. The developers did a fantastic job with this: not only do these instances offer challenges and fun gameplay that a group of 24 people can have, but they also have the chance to get scarce items.

Another great feature that the developers implemented was the Armoury System. This allowed players to change jobs whenever they felt like it without deleting their current character and making another one; all they would need to do is possess at least one relic (an item specific to each job).

That was great for players who previously had to delete their character and start from scratch every time they wanted to try playing as a different class. Still, it also benefited the developers in two ways: firstly, because players weren't starting from level 1 every time they created a new character, there was less clutter on each server which meant that it became easier to find parties; secondly, since people could now log in to any of their characters at level 50 and immediately begin raiding or doing dungeons, this added a lot more variety into the game.

As mentioned earlier, A Realm Reborn was Square Enix's chance to make a comeback – and they delivered. The developers took all the feedback from players into consideration when making changes to the game, which helped keep the community happy as people knew that their opinions were being heard. This rapport with fans also inspired confidence in those who initially weren't sold on the idea of reviving Final Fantasy XIV - if anything, it made them more excited for what was to come after launch, particularly with how quickly the developers were working on producing new content.

In addition to this, A Realm Reborn also added a few finishing touches, which brought out its unique flavor. Firstly, there are aesthetics such as lush vegetation or rocky areas surrounding each city-state or town. Secondly, it had a catchy main theme song that players found themselves humming to even when they weren't playing the game. Lastly, there's a lot of attention to detail in the cutscenes and character dialogue, giving the game a feeling of high production value.

A Realm Reborn was not only successful because it revived an unpopular game – it was successful because it did so while staying true to its own identity. It didn't try to be something that it wasn't, and this won the hearts of both new and old players alike. The result is a thriving community that continues to grow with every major update.

Are You Looking to Sell FFXIV Accounts?

There are many reasons why people want to sell their FFXIV accounts. The most common one being - because it's simply not being used. If you're not going to be playing the game anymore, or you've decided to create/acquire a new FFXIV account and ditch the old one, it's best to sell your account and get some of your money back. You could also use the cash to buy other things, such as Gil, skins, costumes, mounts, and more, for your new FFXIV account.

igitems receives many questions about whether or not it's safe to sell your FFXIV account online. The answer is yes. Selling your digital treasures for real-world money is becoming increasingly popular these days. Yet, people are still wary of doing it themselves because they don't know where to do it safely. We get that! The good news is that you came to the right place if safety is your number one priority while selling an FFXIV account online. iGitems offers a quick verification process, 24/7 live chat support, and quick payment to sellers once the transaction has been completed.

So, what are you waiting for? Sell your FFXIV account now and get paid quickly and easily through our marketplace. Remember, iGitems is the safest way to buy and sell online game accounts. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to source for all things FFXIV related!