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Final Fantasy Items For Sale - FFXIV Item Marketplace

Final Fantasy XIV has been a huge hit and players around the world love it! More people than ever before are looking for a great way of improving their experience with Final Fantasy XIV, so we’re ready to help

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Rare FFXIV Items Await

Trying to find that perfect piece for your character can be hard, especially if it's rare. The same is also true when looking at mounts, gears, and weapons in FFXIV. There are a plethora of items being added on a regular basis which makes keeping up with all the newest ones nearly impossible.

As you have probably experienced, FFXIV is a vast and rich land filled with items to collect. There are mounts and armor sets from all over the Final Fantasy series as well as some that only exist in this game like FFXIV crystals which can be used for your Minion or Summons! You'll usually get these by doing quests but sometimes they may drop at random too. It's best not to give up hope if nothing has happened yet even though those odds might seem slim considering how many people are playing.

The process of finding a specific Final Fantasy XIV item requires that you invest in personal time. If you want an easier way of getting these amazing prizes, simply buy FFXIV items from trusted sellers on igitems that guarantee the best prices and speedy delivery, along with responsive 24/7 customer support.

What Types of FFXIV Items Are There?

All MMORPGs have loot, but not all of it is as exciting to find. In some cases you might even feel showered with the stuff on every step and yet again most times your reward for an adventure will end up being something in abundance like vendor tokens.

Developers of Final Fantasy XIV cited the difficulty in updating “refreshing” ideas and mechanics as a reason for sticking with more traditional methods. In this case, they have taken the "classic approach" which spices up their itemization system by tying it to specific disciplines, both combat and economy-oriented.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you will find your standard weapons and armor as well as other items such as tools for crafting. You can also use pets or minions that do not fight to help with gathering materials in one's adventures. Lastly, mounts are available so players may explore the world at large easily.

  • Weapons: Tools of the trade used by Disciples of War and Magic. They're a character's defining feature, you can change jobs by exchanging them out for different ones.
  • Tools: Used in crafting and gathering. The general use of the tool is to enhance your ability, but there's also an element that determines if it can be applied for certain jobs/disciplines within FFXIV.
  • Armor: Determined by your Class or Job. Apart from providing bonuses to the wearer, each piece offers varying levels of protection for different parts of your body.
  • Accessories: Equippable items that provide players with various bonuses when worn. Just like armors, many accessories are Class and/or Job-specific. They provide bonuses that reflect the character's Class/Job.
  • Meals and Medicines: Various consumables that restore or enhance your stats and boost the amount of experience he gains.
  • Minions: Solely cosmetic pets that are non-combat.
  • Mounts: A great way to get around Eorzea. They let you explore at your own pace and can help with travel when exploring new areas, missions or obtaining materials for crafting skills

Why Do Players Buy FFXIV Items?

Fancy a Zodiac Weapon but don't have enough friends to defeat the Hydra? Players are often too busy just trying to get through FFXIV's Trials and Bitter End missions. Getting lucky with RNG is near impossible, especially in an MMORPG where players can spend hours upon end clocking their virtual time clock away only for them not much progress at all. With some luck or maybe even divine intervention you might be able to succeed. However, those days happen less now than ever before as the developer's team has made getting these items more complicated by requiring extreme amounts of effort.

A player can get weapons, armor, and various Final Fantasy XIV items in many different ways. One way is by hunting for these elusive treasures in the game's dungeons while others simply purchase them off an NPC. If all else fails, they can turn to the auction house where other players may post up their items for sale; but be warned that some of these valuable collectibles don’t come cheap.

Players want to get better items so that their character can be stronger. The more powerful the items, then the higher your stats can go and greater rewards await you in-game.